Quality Label

Objective of the Quality Label

One of the main challenges in our societies is the employability of young graduates. The employers consider that they do not  have  enough field experience and companies are lost in front of so many varied diplomas. To support their job search and entrepreneurs need of qualified staff, a label recognizing at the same time the quality of the dispensed teaching and the link existing between education and practice could be a solution. The  Quality Label allows to the recognition of the synergy  that the EUCERMAT project wishes to settle between companies and universities by the authorities. 

The Label will focus on 3 key points : 

  • the close connection between academics and industrials characterised by an active involvement of industrials in the definition of the teaching units;
  • the relevance of the tutored projects and internships in which both academics and industrials find a real common interest. Academics on one side will find some interest in the fact that students will work on practical cases, whereas industrials will directly benefit from having well trained students working on their concrete/specific issues;
  •  the evaluation by industrials of the real level of students and the adequacy with their needs, providing thus a feedback to academics in terms of training


An EUCERMAT Certificate will be created to support students in job hunting and entrepreneurs in finding qualified staff by recognizing the synergy that the EUCERMAT project settles between companies and universities.

The Certificate will be issued for all students who joined successfully the following EUCERMAT activities:

  1. Integration week in Limoges
  2. Distance e-learning courses
  3. Practical lab courses
  4. External Master thesis in a company

The EUCERMAT Certificate will be implemented in 2 stages. 

  • For the 1st academic year 2016-2017 the EUCERMAT certificate will be generated and signed by all respective partners.
  • In the 2nd stage this EUCERMAT certificate will be included within a “big umbrella” organization i.e. an already existing and recognized organization like Europass which could host the EUCERMAT certificate.