Presentation of the project

The aim of the European Ceramic Materials (EUCERMAT) project is to significantly contribute to changing the general opinion about ceramics materials in Europe. As a matter of fact, ceramic materials are too often simply associated to great diffusion materials mainly employed as building materials (covering plates factories, glasses for windows, etc.). This narrow and negative image is the main reason for the difficulties faced by education institution in the recruitment of students in the field of Ceramic Materials trainings.

To overcome this situation, EUCERMAT aims at implementing a new methodology based on a relevant functioning of the knowledge triangle in the domain of ceramic material.

To make this possible, highly relevant academic (universities and research centres) and industrial (from start-up to multinational groups) partners, already closely working together at national level, joined forces in the consortium of the project. Their aim is to reinforce their cooperation and create a common space where the interaction between research, education and innovation is optimised.

The EUCERMAT project is a three years educational programme during which modern ways of teaching more adapted to the international cooperation between academic institutions will be developed.

  • A teaching programme, integrating blended mobility and virtual classes via the moodle platform, will be developed to offer international courses that will be coupled to very unique teaching practical labs, closely connected to research and performed on instrumental platforms of laboratories associated to the different universities or research institutes.
  • A charter will be implemented, defining a new way to promote the relationships between universities and industries through teaching projects.
  • Tutored projects for students will be implemented with the industrial partners. The subjects will be of industrial interest but defined in cooperation with the academics of the universities and researchers. The subjects will be prospective and challenging, corresponding to up-stream research so that a strong connexion with the research laboratories is developed.
  • Innovative practices to promote ceramic sciences to the community: civil society and principally high school students will be developed and implemented during the programme.

To change the general opinion about ceramics materials in Europe, communication and dissemination events will be organized by the European Ceramics Society (ECerS), the main federation of national ceramic societies in Europe, which is the sixth partner of the project.

Thanks to cooperation between the 13 partners in the present strategic partnership programme cofunded by the ERASMUS + program, a road map aiming at defining guidelines to orientate the future research subjects, teaching projects and economic issues to challenge for the future years will be thoroughly discussed and ultimately defined.

At the end of the programme, a new European master programme dedicated to ceramic materials and relevant to the needs of the industry will be proposed. It will also contribute to promote stronger coherence between the different EU partners.


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